Police & Thieves, pt. 6

The Clash – “Police & Thieves” from The Clash [UK] (1976)

To wrap up a week of Police & Thieves, here’s Strummer & Co.’s timeless take on Junior Murvin’s classic. What’s interesting is that The Clash were covering a popular song of just one year prior. Imagine if these “radical” bands of today (whoever those are) covered, say, I dunno, R. Kelly? I guess that Fall Out Boy are covering Michael Jackson. So maybe Fall Out Boy is the new Clash.

Also watch the live version, from the film Rude Boy. And here’s a good promo video of Junior Murvin’s original, featured below.

And check out this clip from Westway To The World, the Clash doc. Check out 8:45 to hear Joe Strummer wax poetic on the Mick Jones’s arrangement of Police & Thieves.

More P&T on SWR

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4 responses to “Police & Thieves, pt. 6

  1. Jordy

    Murvin was quite the dancer.

    Great series, man.

  2. this is my favorite Clash song, and I didn’t know it was a cover…still my favorite though

  3. Glad you like it, Clint. They play together so well on this song.

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