Police & Thieves, pt. 4

Jah Lion – “Soldier & Police War” (1976)

Here’s a dub toast of Junior Murvin’s “Police & Thieves” by Jah Lion. I like how this version emphasizes the weird marimba-type sound in the beginning of the track. Not sure exactly what that is. Here’s what the Lion has to say for himself:

“It’s like when I did the version to ‘Police & Thieves’ called “Soldier & Police War,’ it was an incident happen…That song came very quickly, usually in those days songs came very quick to me. Bongo Herman was in the studio at that time, so we let him do a part like when somebody running, like out of breath. Scratch laugh, and say he running from something, police want him or something. And then I say, ‘A soldierman pass through Jonestown…’ That was me and Bongo Herman together.”

Stay tuned for Police & Thieves, parts 5 and 6 over the next few days!

More versions of “Police & Thieves” on SWR (as well as some other choice reggae tracks)

Buy it here

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4 responses to “Police & Thieves, pt. 4

  1. rob

    this is the coolest feature on SWR yet- hands down my favorite Clash song (though not technically theirs). Thanks, Glenn.

  2. Glad you like it, Rob. It was Jordy’s idea, actually: “Didn’t you say you could make an entire mix CD of versions of Police & Thieves?” Stay tuned on Wednesday for the exciting conclusion!

  3. Jordy

    The riddim’s all yours, Glenn-mo. Keep it up.

  4. egoassassin

    great blog. lee perry is the best ever

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