Police & Thieves pt. 2

Glen LaCosta – “Magic Touch” (1976)

Saxophonist (I guess; just try Googling this guy) Glen LaCosta adds his magic touch to this dub version of Junior Murvin’s “Police & Thieves” (featured on SWR yesterday, in a weekend-long series). This version ups the treble on the hi-hat, makes the guitar echo a bunch, and takes out some of the deep bass. Very cool: Junior Murvin’s original backup vox, way in the background. In the second half, check out the off-beat saxophone. Stay tuned for at least FOUR more versions of “Police & Thieves.”

Jordy: what do you think you and I start sporting the shades pictured above?

Too bad LaCosta spells his first name incorrectly….

Posted by Glenn


Filed under 1970s, Dub, Instrumental, Reggae, Rocksteady

3 responses to “Police & Thieves pt. 2

  1. Jordy

    Nice shades.

  2. That is an unusual bit of music. Very visual sounding.

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