Finding Frank

Frank Zappa – “Son of Mr. Green Genes” from Hot Rats (1969)

Much fuss is made by weirdos about Frank Zappa. You know the kind of guys (and let’s face it, it’s always guys) with poor hygiene and Monty Python screensavers on their computers that run Linux? Those guys are the guys I’m talking about – always telling me that Zappa was the best thing to happen to music since Stravinsky.

Now I have always recognized and appreciated his unprecedented (and unmatched) rock musicianship. And he certainly was a much needed antidote for a lot of horrible classic rock. But he is often hopelessly dense and I have also found his sense of humor needlessly alienating, if not repellent. But my friends all said, “You’re just not listening to the right stuff.

Indeed, I recently acquired Hot Rats (thanks, Ben) and it is smokin’ good. The enclosed track, “Son of Mr. Green Genes,” rocks without ridiculousness and is, thus, highly refreshing to someone like me who too often became irritated by goofball tunes from Zappa’s 130 other albums.

So if you love Zappa, don’t try to make everyone else understand the reasons why. Let them discover it on their own.

Buy it here

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2 responses to “Finding Frank

  1. Louis Ogden

    I’m one of those guys that love Zappa; however, my wife does as well. BTW, I bathe , change my underwear every day, and don’t even know what Linux is (smile). Frank’s humor is probably an acquired taste – perhaps you are not a big fan of social commentary and satire.

  2. Jordy

    Dear Louis Ogden and Mrs. Louis Ogden,
    I stand corrected.


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