“We’re coming to the chorus now”

Pavement – “Gold Soundz” from Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (1994)

Jordy’s crazy. CR, CR is clearly Pavement’s best album, and it is also my favorite (necessarily the same? Discuss). And Brighten The Corners sounds particularly good these days.

When I was backpacking, I had a dream in which Stephen Malkmus stopped me during an art heist and asked if I wanted to hang out in his NYC apartment. We ate hot dogs. He then begged me to become second bassist in the newly reformed version of Pavement. The band went on a wildly successful world stadium tour. Have you had Pavement dreams?

Check the video for “Gold Soundz” (good call, Ira). Also check this bizarre free jazz reworking of Pavement’s “Blue Hawaiian.”

Buy the Soundz

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9 responses to ““We’re coming to the chorus now”

  1. Ira

    I haven’t had any dreams about Pavement, but “Gold Soundz” is a great song off of an equally great album. The video for the song is also pretty cool.

  2. Jordy

    Best and favorite albums are usually the same. While I stand by Wowee Zowee, many of my favorite Pavement songs are on CR,CR.

  3. “Best and favorite albums are usually the same.” I’m not so sure. I think of “best” having some measure of critical objectivity attached to its judgment, but “favorite” is often completely subjective.

    For example, Hail To The Thief is certainly not Radiohead’s best album, but I think it is my favorite. There is a concision to each song that I enjoy, and an overflow of ideas. Likewise, Elvis Costello. This Year’s Model is probably his best, but my favorite is Get Happy!!, even though it has a lower batting average of good songs to crap songs (something like .750 to TYM’s 1.000). B/c I love the speed w/ which EC tears through tunes on GH!! Or take Miles Davis. Kind of Blue strikes me as absolutely perfect and beautiful and wondrous each time I listen to it, but I prefer Sorcerer and 1964: The Complete Concert, even though they have iffy moments.

    All that said, often the album I can judge as “best” is also my favorite.

  4. Oh, and I think I have the opposite opinion re: Pavement albums. While CR, CR is their best start-to-finish album, many of my fave Pavement songs are on WZ: Rattled by the Rush, Father to a Sister of Thought, AT&T, Grounded, Grave Architecture, Kennel District, Motion Suggests, .

    Hmm, I might be convincing myself that WZ is the best. Dang.

  5. Jordy

    “U2 wants to hang around with Arcade Fire. U2 didn’t want to hang around with Pavement.”
    -SM in a recent interview

  6. I don’t think I’m as qualified to comment on the bands full body of work but my favorite is CRCR. I have fond memories of it and it’s perfect for spring in Michigan.

  7. Jordy

    “So drunk in the August sun
    And you’re the kind of girl I like
    Because you’re empty, and I’m empty.”

  8. “And you can never quarantine the past”

  9. Good article on favorite albums:


    “[Favorite albums must be] records one loves– this is a necessary condition unless you’re very cynical: Even if someone is claiming a record as a favorite to make a specific impression it’s enormously hard to sustain fake enthusiasm. But they’re also records where the act of choosing them signifies a kind of allegiance to something.”

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