“In this land of conditions/I’m not above suspicions”

Neil Young – “Revolution Blues” from On the Beach (1974) and Bob Dylan and the Band – “Yazoo Street Scandal” from The Basement Tapes (1967)

The Band had one of the strongest rhythm sections in rock and roll (see also the Rolling Stones). Rick Danko had a terrific talent for creating rollicking bass lines while Levon Helm kept the tune rolling assertively forward. They were, in my opinion, an ideal mix of competence and confidence.

You can hear this well in the two enclosed songs: “Yazoo Street Scandal,” one of the Band’s tunes from The Basement Tapes and “Revolution Blues” by Neil Young, one of my favorite songs of all time.

Buy the Basement Tapes
or On the Beach

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4 responses to ““In this land of conditions/I’m not above suspicions”

  1. Adam Bailey

    Is that a picture of Laurel Canyon?

    I like the last lines “Well I hear that Laurel Canyon is filled with famous stars/but I hate them worse than lepers, and I’ll kill them in their cars”

    “Revolution Blues” is also one of my two favorite songs to play on the drums, the other being “Helter Skelter”

  2. Jordy

    Yeah, that’s Laurel Canyon.

    It’s one of my favorite lines as well because I’m curious as to how much he was imitating Charlie Manson or if he really felt that way himself.

  3. Revolution Blues is one of the most menacing songs ever. Genius.

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