“I can’t be your apologist very long”

Built To Spill – “Carry the Zero” from Keep It Like A Secret (1997)

Y’know, that Built To Spill show in Charlotte last night would have been really great. But thanks to all you assholes in the audience, it sucked. The worst concert experience I’ve ever had (and I’ve seen MC Hammer). I blame each and every one of you. Stepping on my toes, blowing schwaggy pot smoke in my face, rubbing your fat ass on my girlfriend’s elbow, doing some stupid dance that involves shoving your fists in my face, yelling about how many of your friends are here, tall assholes deciding to stand on my toes, shoving me out of the way for your hippie-ass beardo dance. Fuck all ya’ll. Especially you, drunk motherfucker who attacked Doug Martsch. I hope you broke your femur when the bouncer shoved you off the stage.

Built To Spill Beer All Over My Neck (how the hell does that happen?)

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3 responses to ““I can’t be your apologist very long”

  1. Jordy

    Sounds rough. Sorry dude. How did they sound?

  2. They sounded pretty good, though the jamming went on a little long on the encore. “Stop the Show,” I think it was. I remember the show at St. Andrews Hall being better, but then, hindsight is always greener, huh?

  3. I had a very similar experience at a modest mouse show. It makes me want to just stay inside and not go.

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