“Oh love, keep me warm, keep me satisfied”

The Kinks – “Sitting by the Riverside” from The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society [1968] and “Strangers” from Lola Verus Powerman and the Moneygorround, Part One [1970]

Yesterday, I saw The Savages starring Laura Linney and PS Hoffman. It was very good. And it, like several other very good, recently-released movies, features a Kinks song. To SWR loyalists, I must admit that The Darjeeling Limited has grown on me considerably since I first gave it a lukewarm reception here. In penance, I have attached “Strangers,” which has become a favorite of mine since I saw the film.

It seems that filmmakers are looking for genius melodies without resorting to the Beatles, which would be very easy and not too original. In these instances, there is a huge reserve of Kinks’ tunes that is begging for mass revival among Americans.

Buy the Kinks here

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5 responses to ““Oh love, keep me warm, keep me satisfied”

  1. this may be completely unfounded. but sometime or anothr, this bit got stuck in my head. i’ve heard the beatles songs were under pretty tight lock and key for use in film and commercials etc. typically you only see cover versions, but i’m sure there are plenty of examples.

    kinks are my number 1.

  2. Jordy

    That may be true, which is a shame. But like you, I’m perfectly pleased with abundant Kinks tracks in the movies these days.

  3. glennlester

    I’ve been obssesively listening to these two tracks (and “This Time Tomorrow,” posted earlier) for the past couple days. Village Green Preservation Society arrived in the mail yesterday, so I’m looking forward to delving into the Kinks, who I’ve never really listened to before. Yeah, Jord-man.

  4. Jordy

    Glad to hear it, Glenn-Mo. I happily discovered the Kinks later in life and was delighted to find that their pleasures run deeper than most bands from the 60s/70s. There’s plenty there to listen to and really enjoy. Village Green is as good a place as any to start but make sure to check out Arthur and Lola vs. Powerman too.

  5. glennlester

    I am thoroughly enjoying ‘Are the Village Green Preservation Society’ and will get to Arthur and Lola soon.

    I saw The Savages last night. Good movie. “I have an MFA!”

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