“Feel your healing rivers run”

Led Zeppelin – “The Wanton Song” from Physical Graffiti (1975)

Zeppelin lyrics were never all that accomplished (see post title).

But, oh! Those riffs!

I don’t really dance, yet this song sometimes makes me.

It’s so heavy!

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One response to ““Feel your healing rivers run”

  1. glennlester

    Uh-oh, Jordy. You know that a copy of the OED resides in my living room…

    Wanton – Undisciplined, ungoverned; not amenable to control, unmanageable, rebellious.

    Ex: Dagobert…asociated vnto hym certayne wanton persones and bete his mayster

    Won Ton – A small round roll of pocket of dough containing a savoury filling, eaten alone (after being deep-fried) or boiled in soup

    Ex: The wonton soup was crisp with Chinese vegetables.

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