“One more Saturday night”

Can – “One More Night” from Ege Bamyasi (1972)

Take a look at those muttonchops on keyboardist Irmin Schmidt, the guy on the left. Bassist Holger Czukay and singer/priest Damo Suzuki aren’t doing so bad on the facial hair front themselves. “One More Night” is the sound of a feverish Wednesday afternoon, despite claims to represent a sleek weekend.

Prindle’s got funny stuff to say about the Can-meisters.

And there are some jaw-droppingly awesome videos on YouTube.

Buy Can here

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2 responses to ““One more Saturday night”

  1. Jordy

    Stellar post. That “Vitamin C” video is incredible. Seeing Jaki Liebezeit play confirms what an unstoppable drummer he was. Bonham had power but Liebezeit had persistence.

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