“Like arrows with no target”

Leonard Cohen – “True Love Leaves No Traces” from Death of a Ladies’ Man (1977)

I don’t like Phil Spector – mostly because he’s a murderer.

However, the bombast of his arrangements on this record are the perfect backdrop for Leonard Cohen’s characterization of a pathetic, aging philanderer. Of the two, I would say Cohen probably understood best the irony of the record (and the whole era, for that matter).

Spector was probably just really coked-up.

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2 responses to ““Like arrows with no target”

  1. Adam Bailey

    Have you seen the recent L. Cohen documentary, entitled “I’m Your Man?” the film is hit-or-miss (lots of bad covers…a few good ones) but theres a great interview with the man himself. He mentions this album and said that his daughter liked it, and that it was growing on him, or something to that effect. Spector is a nut, no doubt about that. You may know this story, but I’ll repeat it anyway. While recording this album, Spector held a gun to Cohen’s head and said “I love you, Leonard” to which Lenny replied “I hope you do, Phil.” Spector proceeded to mix the album without any input whatsoever from Cohen. All in all its not a bad album; its raucous party music compared to the rest of the L. Cohen catalog.

  2. Jordy

    I haven’t seen that film, no. He’s pretty gravelly these days and that’s cool, but I prefer his silkier-voiced days.
    I had not heard that Spector story. What a nut. Let’s hope he goes back to trial before he kills again.
    And it sounds like he pulled the same thing with Cohen that he did with the Beatles on ‘Let it Be.’ Just took over the whole project.

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