“Yes, yes, yes”

The Kinks – “Autumn Almanac” (1967)

Summer officially ends this weekend and we welcome the crispness of autumn. Except for me, since I’m in southern Arizona and it’s still terribly hot.

This song is so British.

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2 responses to ““Yes, yes, yes”

  1. This song is a superb study in rhyming and meter for songwriters, especially the first verse:

    From the dew-soaked hedge creeps a crawly caterpillar,
    When the dawn begins to crack.
    Its all part of my autumn almanac.
    Breeze blows leaves of a mustard-coloured yellow,
    So I sweep them in my sack.
    Yes, yes, yes, its my autumn almanac.

    But the most revealing lines thematically are these:

    This is my street, and I’m never gonna to leave it,
    And I’m always gonna to stay here
    If I live to be ninety-nine,
    cause all the people I meet
    Seem to come from my street
    And I cant get away,
    Because it’s calling me, (come on home)
    Hear it calling me, (come on home)

    That’s Ray Davies in quintessence.

  2. Jordy

    I agree. Davies was grounded in the poetic tradition of his country. I like those last lines you quote – it was a rare rock musician who could be nostalgic about his home without being ridiculous.

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