“I know it’s dark outside”

cover of Spiderland

Slint – “Washer” from Spiderland (1991)

I’m not convinced that Spiderland is as fantastic as various critical organs claim, but this track is pretty much perfect. Every drum part, the timing of the entries of various guitar parts, the final rock-out–which, check that distorted guitar sound: awesome–is perfect. Spiderland’s liner notes invite “interested female vocalists” to write the band; imagine what this sound would sound like with, say, Nico singing.

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2 responses to ““I know it’s dark outside”

  1. Jordy

    I’m with you on ‘Washer.’ It’s the cream of the crop. Did you know that Will Oldham took that cover photo? Do you think he was in the water too?

  2. glennlester

    I guess given the perspective, he’d have to have been swimming. Naked Will Oldham is a thought to drive me through the day.

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